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While raising cattle is the operation's central enterprise, the Galt Ranch would not be complete without its longtime horse-breeding program. Ranch horses are raised with the foundation bloodlines going back to Two-Eyed Jack and Doc Bar, producing horses that are gentle, thick bodied, and good keepers. The Galt-bred horses typically stand 15 to 16 ½ hands tall and weigh 1,100 to 1,300 pounds.

The brood mare band presently numbers 15 head, and with the arrival of spring, these mares foal out on the range. The horses roam free on 6 to 10 sections of range in large pastures. The mares stay out in the open pastures even in winter, when they continue grazing while receiving hay as a supplement.

Navigating from birth the rough and rocky terrain of the foothills teaches the foals the sure-footedness and native instincts needed to grow up into trusted mounts. Since most of the young horses are sold either as youngsters or as broke horses, word of mouth of their dependability as ranch horses puts them in demand.

Training begins soon after weaning in November and December. There is no further handling until they're coming 2-year-olds, when they're run in for saddle training. Given the long absence of human intervention, their response to the training sessions is surprisingly accepting, a tribute to the sensibility bred into them and the careful instruction at the hands of the ranch's skilled horse trainers.

"Every colt is ridden within several hours of being caught," said Galt. "We'll use a flag and tarps to sack the colts out before saddling them. We seldom have a colt that bucks. That is due to the genetics of the breeding program and the skilled handling of the people we have starting the colts."

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Looking for top quality ranch horses based out of Montana? The Galt Ranch has a longtime horse-breeding program and skilled horse trainers which allows us to offer some of the best working horses in the business.

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