About the Ranch

Galt Ranch

White Sulphur Springs, Montana

The Galt family holds to ranching traditions started 100 years ago, combining them with today's technology to shape "a cowboy way" borrowing from both old and new traditions. "It's most rewarding to run a good ranch and continue doing it in a rancher way," says Bill Galt.

Nestled between the Big Belt and the Little Belt Mountains, the GALT RANCH is located in central Montana near White Sulphur Springs.

Hardy cattle of Angus genetics graze the mountainous country 10 months out of the year. Ranch-bred registered Quarter horses roam open-range pastures year-round and serve as work mates for branding calves and gathering cows.

While raising cattle, hay, and horses comprises the traditional backbone of the enterprises at the Galt Ranch, providing guided hunts as well as helicopter services are new-generation activities. The helicopter helps to accomplish critical ranch work such as locating cattle, fighting fires, and hunting predators.

While the work of running the ranch is demanding, after more than four decades of ranching under his belt, Galt still feels as he did back in the 1970s when he was just beginning. "I thought I was the luckiest guy alive, and I still do," he said. "I hope to pass this opportunity down to the next generations and help them learn how to be good ranchers."

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